Erik “EVERLAST” Schrody is set to release his first album in three years, “Songs of the Ungrateful Living” on October 18th on his own Martyr Inc. Records.   This will be the first release on the label, in partnership with EMI Music.   Full of Schrody’s trademark gritty style, the album is awash in the beats and blues that have made EVERLAST a Grammy winner, a chart-topper, an Emmy nominee and a musical trailblazer for multiple generations.

The first single, “I Get By,” set to impact Modern Rock radio on August 23rd is an anthem for our troubled times.   Sings EVERLAST, “I voted for change and it’s kind of strange that’s all I’ve got in my pocket.”   EVERLAST is not afraid to address the issues facing the world today, both political and personal.   “Little Miss America” looks at the state of fame, reality TV and our country.   “Little Miss America,” he asks, “where’d you get that scar?”   On “Long Time” the big issues become more personal, documenting the struggles that are familiar to everyone.


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