After almost two years of frustrations Oblivious Signal has cut ties with their notorious manager John Tovar (Marilyn Manson, The Mavericks) .
“While having long term ties to the music world, John didn’t come through for us the way we had hoped.” Commented Feliciano on the unexpected turn for the band. “We just felt like we have more opportunity to move forward with our former management agency, Static Management, so we are working with them again and really excited about it. We weren’t looking for a cheerleader, but we need a manager that is going to be behind us and be available to us.”

Along with this move Oblivious Signal is looking forward to branching out to doing more regional shows up the East coast and into some of the southern states via C&A Media booking. Having searched for a booking agent with a good reputation and solid credentials for years, their team finally found the right match with Carolina based C&A Media, who book several other regional acts and are partners with the record label Filament Records.

This mating with mean several short trips to neighboring states to extend their fan base and to finally play for some of the fans beyond the Florida borders.


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