Low-Fi, After All This Time

Get ready for Boise, Idaho’s own Low-Fi as they come out with their second release ‘After All This Time’.   This band calls themselves Low-Fi but they play with a hi-fi sound that will excite your senses all the way!   The group is made up of three members: Todd Sloan on guitar & vocals, Josh Gilmore on bass and Kevin Alspach on drums.   I’ve always been impressed when just a trio of band-mates can produce such a BIG & POWER-PUNCH-OF-A-SOUND and Low-Fi definitely achieve this.   One of the best rock trios of all time and one of my favorite bands The Police undoubtedly set the standard for BIG ‘n’ RICH-sounding three-piece bands.   And now Low-Fi is following suit with an album that will get much attention in that department.

Besides playing over 250 shows all over the Pacific Northwest Low-Fi also had a song featured on Showtimes’s “The Big C” and the CW’s “One Tree Hill”.   In just four short years Low-Fi has accomplished so much and they seem to be all over the place!   The crazy part is that it’s just begun for these musicians and so the future looks very promising for Sloan & company.  

I received this digital promo copy of ‘After All This Time’ with just six tracks.   The recording starts up with a very catchy pop/rock number “Last Transmission” with some impressive guitar playing.   I have to say that this is Indie rock at its finest because the album has that lively, raw feeling where you can’t help but get hooked right away.   The middle installment “Idaho” is by far my favorite song because it has a wonderful feel overall and it’s full of substance.   Plus, the harmony & melody on “Idaho” is so damn good where I found myself singing along at times.   What I loved most about Low-Fi and this promotional record is the fact that you sense the joy & excitement that Todd, Josh & Kevin all have playing together as a band.   These guys are for real because they’re just playin’ cool, rock-’em-sock-’em music and they’re havin’ a blast the whole way through.   Low-Fi and their second effort are proving to us all what it’s all supposed to be about—FUN!   I would have gave this digital copy a perfect five but I felt shorted by not having the entire album in front of me because I’m sure I missed out on a lot of special gems.   So…I can’t wait to hear ‘After All This Time’ in full without any interruptions!  

By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com)

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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