Another week is upon us and summer is officially here. It just does not get any better unless ofcourse I was on the beach with a cooler of beer and sandwiches! My guest this week show that even though the Boston Bruins are the Stanley Cup champs there is no bad blood between Vancouver & Boston. It is an honor to have Mother Mother with us on Skoped Out. I have been a huge fan for a while now so lets just get right into it. Be sure to check out their new album ‘Eureka!’ which is out now and they are on the road so be sure to check out the dates in your area.  Stoli: Where are we talking from today and what plans do you have for the weekend?

Mother Mother:   I’m in Vancouver, in my apartment. The weekend’s about over now, but didn’t get up to much. Watched the new Woody Allen movie. It was pretty good. I like his stuff.

Stoli: Skope is based in Boston, does it bother you we are rooting for the Bruins?

Mother Mother:   No, it would probably bother me more if you were rooting for the Canucks, which is the flavour of athletic pride I’m rather inundated with these days. As you can tell I’m not much into the hockey.  

Stoli: What does the roaring lion on the album cover represent?

Mother Mother: A eureka moment.

Stoli: MTV & VH1 have embraced this new album & single for “The Stand.” How does it feel to be named “The Next Big Thing” by MOG and get such mainstream exposure?

Mother Mother:   Feels good and is obviously advantageous to have endorsements like that, but we don’t really take those forecasts to heart.   You’re either a big thing or you’re not, so until then, we’ll remain slogging it out, which is still a pretty good time.

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Stoli: You are on Last Gang Records. In this DIY environment, what makes Last Gang the right alliance for you?

Mother Mother: They give us creative control which is pretty rad.

Stoli: Are you all five friends beyond the band and has their been any romantic/hook-up situations?

Mother Mother:   We’re pals.

Stoli: Does the band run like a democracy or is it a dictatorship when you record a song that some like and some do not?

Mother Mother:   It’s a democracy. If someone is very unhappy about something and the problem doesn’t get fixed, it can turn shitty for everybody, so we strive for equal and shared happiness.

Stoli: Your west coast tour starts June 9. Is it hard leaving family/friends back home and what must you have with you on the road at all times?

Mother Mother:   Easy to leave, we’ll see those people again, and we seem to depend on our own personal food stashes. The food thing is pretty orchestrated in the band. If we don’t get our wheaties in, it can be a bad scene.    

Stoli: The music industry is a tough business but your band has shown that with hard work & perseverance you can achieve great things. Please offer some advice to bands just starting out about what keeps that fire burning for Mother Mother?

Mother Mother:   For us we don’t really get bored of it because there’s always an ocean of betterment ahead. It’s exciting to envision a future where present kinks will be worked out.   Ambition for betterment, I guess would be my advice. Don’t get cocky, unless it’s a press spin or somethin.

Stoli: With inflation making everything more expensive how do you set ticket prices that are not only affordable but profitable?

Mother Mother:   I guess it’s based on demand, but I don’t really know how all that stuff works.

Stoli: Do you ever find interviews annoying or do you enjoy them?

Mother Mother:   I find them annoying, but I find myself even more annoying so I hope you don’t take offence.

Stoli: Whats coming up for Mother Mother and where can readers follow you?

Mother Mother:   We’re hitting the road in a couple of days and will be touring for most of the rest of the year. Check out: It’s our website and also has links to FB and twitter, among other neat places.

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