Second Time Around EP, produced by the legendary Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank), basks in rave reviews. Wirt, whose time in the studio with Modena was a mutually considered a raving success was thrilled with the turn out of the single’s video and how it represented the song. “Great looking video…. I am really honored that I was chosen by this band to produce their debut release! I am SO fucking proud of these guys.”

Produced by Stwrongtone Media featuring aspiring starlet Breann Marie Garner as the female lead, The Second Time Around video also has a surprise guest appearance adding to the buzz. The identity of the main character in the storyline was kept under wraps until just days ago. Fans were delighted with the twist of seeing the lead character is played by Irvine’s vocalist Lucas Owens.

[youtube jCQqIlcZ07w nolink]

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