Le Blorr is gaining momentum with their new EP Bim Bom with its filthy riffs and momentous drums. Their music ranges from a psychedelic vibe such as their song “Twin Sisters” to the dance your ass off energy of “My Terrific Tushhh”. Sprinkle in a few melt your girl’s heart melodies and with the simplicity of a duo, Le Blorr is able to capture the essence of rock and roll.I got a chance to sit down with Chris Hess and Adam Winn of Le Blorr during their recent trip down to South Beach for their gig at The Florida Room

I wanna start off by taking a snippet from your bio online which says you guys “combine rock n’ roll booty bumpers and psychedelic dance bangers with a sense of grit and beauty that captures the hearts of their listeners. And you name yourselves as Cookie Sugarhips and Hot Damm Sweet Huckleberry Winn. So where do you come up with this stuff? Is there a story behind the names?
Adam: The name comes from a dream. It is actually a funny story, I was having a dream and we actually dream travel. So I was having a dream and Mark Bolan was hanging out with me and that is kinda of Chris’s idol. So I traveled over to his dream and I was like you need to get over here I am hanging out with Mark Bolan. So we cruised over and that is actually how our name became Bastard Lovechild of Rock and Roll, because he was like you two need to make music together. And then Freddy Mercury shows up all of a sudden and he gives us the name.
Chris: It was pretty crazy.

So this is all in your dream Adam?
Adam: Yea it was all in my dream.
Chris: He came and got me through dream travel and I met up.

Wait… this is Adam’s dream?
Chris: It’s our dream at that point. Once he told me Mark Bolan was there I was like…. alright I’m coming.

Okay…. so what originally got you guys working together?
Adam: He started actually making music on his own first and he would always send me tracks and it would be a drum machine. They had more of an electronic feel to them.
Chris: I didn’t have a drummer so literally I would press play on a the little Casio keyboard for the drumbeat and record to that. I would just record into my computer a bunch of different songs. I didn’t have good equipment. I didn’t have Ableton or anything. It was just the ideas more then anything and I would send it to a few friends and Adam was one of them because I knew Adam was into music and played drums a bit.

You guys recently switched up your name to Le Blorr from just BLORR (Bastard Lovechild of Rock and Roll). What’s the reason behind that?
Chris: So we were dream traveling right… I am just kidding. Honestly there is a part in Boogy Nights that sums it up the best and if you watch that movie….

I remember when I was like 13 years old watching that movie and I my dad would walk in and I would change the channel.
Chris: That’s one of our faves.   Markey Mark, Dirk in that movie, at one point is talking about reinventing the way porn is made and he is talking to Jack, the producer and directer, and one point he’s talking about how in normal porn they were hitting the woman and treating them bad and he says ”That’s not cool, it’s not sexy. It’s not sexy like it should be, Jack.” That sentence and how he says it is exactly what I want to tell people when they ask why Le Blorr instead of BLORR. It was never really meant to be just BLORR.
Adam: Basically we came pretty close to just changing our entire name. We were losing sleep over it. We just hate BLORR.
Chris: It’s phonetically so gross.
Adam: But then Chris came up with Le Blorr and it just sounds sexier.

I wanna talk about you guys being a duo.   I think its great to enjoy the simplicity of a duo. Music in general has become so layered. Is it harder as a duo?
Chris: I dunno, I think it would be so hard to get four or five minds to be on the same page with everything, but at the same time there’s a lot of songs where we are like man that would be nice if we could insert a little bass line right here or insert an extra keyboard player. It’s kinda of a challenge and fun to figure out ways to loop different sounds and textures. It kinda makes you write in a different way and almost maybe more like you have to be…. I don’t wanna say more creative but….. more creative.

When you’re creating new music, how does it flow? Who’s writing the lyrics?
Chris: We do a little bit of both. Usually I will come up with a basis for a song and plot it out and once I feel confident enough for it to be worthy of showing I will show it to Adam and together from that point on we’ll jam it.

You guys collaborated with Alexandra Lawn of Ra Ra Riot for the song “My Blushing Grape”. How did that come together?
Chris: Well she is my ex-girlfriend. We’re friends and we always connected on a musical level and we could collaborate on stuff. I helped her with some stuff on her album. It just came about and I wanted her to sing on that song. She did it super fast and it came out really good.

What stuff are you listening to right now?
Chris: I’ve been obsessed with Paul Simon’s “Rhythm of the Saints” album.
Adam: I’ve been listening to Tame Impala

If you could chose any band, who would you want to open for?
Chris: Sade.
Adam: We actually just got a booking agent and we submitted bunch of bands that we thought would be cool. Tame Impala are definitely one and The Black Angels are another.

Later that night at the Florida Room, the swanky lounge was greeted with Le Blorr’s down and dirty live show. The crowd rocked out, unphased by $15 cocktails.
Photo taken at the Delano Hotel

By: Alex Markow – AlexMarkow@gmail.com

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