Snailhouse, Sentimental Gentleman

Continuing in a long line of swampy, Canadian acts whose thinly-veiled brand of optimism is only heard through murky guitars and earnest crooning, Snailhouse make great strides with Sentimental Gentleman. The ten emotionally-laden tracks serve to establish Snailhouse not just as a fitting and hauntingly harmonious soundtrack to your last drink of the evening, but as one of the pre-eminent straight up rock and roll acts in Canada.

Combining some of Wintersleep’s bruising harmonies, Sloan’s subdued jangle-pop rhythm and of course, a little dose of ol’ Grandpa Neil’s everyman sensibility, Sentimental Gentleman is a record that could slip by the less discerning ear.

After all, there is nothing immediately hooky about the soft rumble of “Airwaves” or the twangy last call groove of the title track. But in reality, should there be? It’s terribly refreshing to hear a band that doesn’t rush their sound. “Apple” kicks the record off in alarming heartache and “Clean Water” manages to sound desolate and comforting all at once. Sentimental Gentleman is the sound of a band that is not only fully realized, but not afraid of hiding the ebb and flow which they have clearly worked hard to discover. A great, hearty listen.

By Joshua Kloke –

[Rating: 4/5]

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