Kiseleff, A Sound Seal

Kiseleff is a pop/rock group made up of Al Renwick and Scot Andy.   Renwick is the brains behind this operation known as ‘A Sound Seal’ thanks in big part to family inspiration.   Al Renwick writes about three of his own Scottish ancestors who immigrated to America back in 1838.   This information was passed onto Al in the form of many documents after his grandfather passed and the interesting part is that all three men were brothers.   You now have solid facts, a rich history and a fascinating story unfolded before you on ‘A Sound Seal’.   So… we know the meaning behind it all but how will it all sound?

Right away on the opening number “Quicksilver Universe” you receive a mysterious vibe from Kiseleff.   You also pick up on a dance mix groove that actually resonates throughout the entire record.   I’m hearing such a cool style of sound that immediately draws the listener in.   This dance element is, in my opinion, the overlying theme because it seems to dominate the album.   One aspect out of this that really perked my interests was the fact that Al Renwick & Scot Andy seem to be workin’ that vintage 80’s sound.   Through the beats and overall approach, Kiseleff appears to breath new life into the 80s music scene.   I absolutely loved hearing this because I grew up during this era and I am still a HUGE fan of this time period.   The music, the culture, the BIG hair—gotta love it!   Kiseleff combines elements of pop, rock, alternative and dance hooks that comes across as potently fresh and retrofied.   You even get a futuristic feel at times like on track seven “That Distant Feeling” where rock & dance collide as one force.  

After it’s all said and done, I must say that I am very impressed with Kiseleff and their debut album.   Creative-to-the-bone material, a plot that takes you on an exciting journey and songs that are catchy as hell;   ‘ A Sound Seal’ has got it all and then some!   This UK-based group is definitely one to keep a close on because they deliver an original twist on each and every song.   I am now hooked and I believe there will be many more fans to come for Kiseleff.  

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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