Although I am very excited for New Years Eve I always get alittle nostalgic around these times. I want to wish all my readers a very happy & healthy 2011. While many of us are still digging out from the blizzard I wanted bring on a guest that would bring that Caribbean heat & sound. Allow me to introduce Buffalo Soldier. Buffalo has been putting out music for many years but he really grabbed my attention with his new single “Rejoice.” After hearing this song I had to have him on to talk about everything from how he got started, his positive messages, and his homeland of Trinidad & Tobago. Let the sounds of Buffalo Soldier ease you into the new year on an inspired & positive footing. Buffalo Soldier is also giving a FREE MP3 with this feature.

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and what is your plans for New Years?

Buffalo:   Today I am at home in Tobago which is located in the Caribbean. My plans for the New Year are to continue producing and publishing my   music worldwide.

Stoli: When did you start writing & recording music seriously?

Buffalo: I started writing music from since I was nine years old but I began recording music in the year 1990 and that song was “True Love”.

Stoli: How did you get the alias Buffalo Soldier?

Buffalo: I got the alias Buffalo Soldier by inspiration.

Buffalo Soldier “Give It To Me” MP3:


Stoli: Where do you go in Trinidad to record music in a studio?

Buffalo: Well Tobago is a part of the unitary state of Trinidad and Tobago and I am actually from the island of Tobago so I do my recording in Tobago at Stone Towers Recording Studio in Scarborough.

Stoli: Your music has a positive message. How do you keep your message so optimitsic in such tough times in the world?

Buffalo: It is the strong belief that I have in my Creator that inspires me to keep my music so optimistic with all the troubles in the world.

Stoli: How does your everyday life & experiences influence what you write about in your music?

Buffalo: In my everyday life I encounter people with problems and I personally I have experienced my share of difficulties. Even the world today is in turmoil, but it is my belief that things will get better so I use this optimistic outlook to write music that will be uplifting to everyone.

Stoli: Do you write the lyrics before or after you hear the instrumentals?

Buffalo: Before I go into the studio I write my lyrics and then we add the instumentals after

Stoli: How important is family to to you & where does music fit into that?

Buffalo: My family is very important to me as a matter of fact my wife is the Executive Producer of all my music and she also does all the graphics on my albums and of course my family provides me with support as I pursue my music career.

Stoli: When I come visit you in Trinidad where can we go to hear live music?

Buffalo: Well presently in Tobago I do not have any gigs scheduled right now but I am available if I am needed for any international shows – burninternational@yahoo.com.

Stoli: What would you like to accomplish musically in 2011?

Buffalo: For the year 2011 I would like continued music success worldwide.

Stoli: Your new song “Rejoice” is a big hit! What is that song about & when did you write it?

Buffalo: The song Rejoice is about the love I have for my Creator and the way he always provides for me it is an expression of thanks to him for his goodness to me and to all of humanity no matter what the situation is.This song was actually written about ten years ago,

Stoli: What is coming up for Buffalo Soldier and where are you at online?

Buffalo: At present I am working in the studio re-recording my first recorded song True Love and I have just signed a non-exclusive agreement with Freeplay Music In New York, USA and I am also signed with Blue Pie Productions in Australia.They are responsible for distributing my music worldwide. My music can be found at www.jango.com/music/BuffaloSoldier


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