Swift Tongues, The Last MC Mix Tape

When you think of rap meccas — you think of great cities like ATL, CALI, NY. Even Seattle Washington has had it’s share of popular rap artists over the year. Artists like Sir Mix-A-Lot, LaborOldoninion, Blue Scholers, The Boom Bap Project, No Clure just to name a few. Now I’d like to introduce you to another rapper who up until now has been off our radar screens for the Seattle area. I’m talking about Swift Tongues A/K A J. Mitchell. This year Swift Tongues introduces one of the tightest mixtapes to ever hit the streets in the Emerald City entitled The Last MC Mix Tape. The CD Mix Tape reminds me of one of the most legendary rappers to ever hit the rap scene – Notorious B.I.G. But what I like most about Swift Tongues is he adds his own unique style & flair the sound. I suspect other rap influences include the likes of Tupac & hip hop legend JayJ. All in all — Swift Tongues personifies the typical stereotypical pigeonholing by transcending other rappers by delivering 18 hot tracks with rap flows are hot to the touch, the lyrics are deep & the overall vibe — very entertaining.   Favorite tracks include Dido’s “Greatest Day of My Life” trust me when I say this piece will make your hair stand up on end. Other gems include -“Stop Tellin” Gotta Hustle” & Cool Summer.” Up until now Swift Tongues” has been off our Radar Screens. Up until now.

Reviewed  by Drew Blackwell

[Rating: 3/5]

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