Starting on the Day of the Dead (November 1),, the official website of the Grateful Dead, will kick off 30 DAYS OF DEAD. Every day throughout the entire month of November, the Grateful Dead will post a different live track on that will be free to download for one day only. The band’s archivist Dave Lemieux hand-picked each of the 30 career-spanning tracks from the Dead’s extensive vault. Each free song download will be a high-quality (320 kps) mp3 and nearly all of the 30 tracks are previously unreleased soundboard recordings.

The 30 DAYS OF DEAD celebration honors the spirit of camaraderie exemplified by the tapers who diligently documented the Dead’s concerts and trade them freely with other Dead Heads. Encouraged by the band, this practice of sharing helped foster not only a legion of devoted fans, but also created a unique sense of community that has transcended generations.

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