Dine Alone Records is proud to welcome Dinosaur Bones to their ever-expanding roster. The label will release the band’s EP titled Birthright digitally on November 2, 2010 and plan to release the band’s debut LP titled My Divider in early 2011.

The Toronto-based indie pop quintet has amassed an impressive amount of accolades to date, no doubt adding weight to their shoulders, but it certainly isn’t enough to keep them from forging forward. With their sound originally hatched in the college dorm room of guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Ben Fox, Dinosaur Bones (comprised of Fox, bassist Branko Scekic, keyboardist Dave Wickland, drummer Lucas Fredette, and guitarist Josh Byrne) have wasted little time of their relatively young career pushing forward, turning plenty of heads along the way. Their sound is a collage of influence, borrowing from NYC garage and not too far-gone from the current crop of off-kilter Canadian pop. Eclectic and energetic is a start, but not even close to the extent of what Dinosaur Bones brings to stereo or stage.


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