Cash Money Records and Universal Group have sent a cease and desist letter to DJ Alexei in an attempt to stop the release of Lil Wayne’s remix album that features mashups of the artist’s material with classic 90s recordings from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins and other influential rock acts. The album, Weezy’s 90s Ball, Vol. 1 is currently scheduled for November 4, 2010 to coincide with Lil Wayne’s release from jail.

The album’s producer DJ Alexei has expressed regret at the labels’ decision, but remained optimistic that Lil Wayne’s fans would get to hear the album. “While I’m flattered that label executives see Weezy’s 90s Ball as a threat to the ‘I Am Not a Human Being’ profits, they are being shortsighted – the fans will buy the official release even if they had downloaded Weezy’s 90s Ball because these are two completely different bodies of work,” said Alexei. “Lil Wayne released the free ‘No Ceilings’ mixtape not long before ‘Rebirth’ and that doesn’t appear to have hurt sales.” Alexei added that it will ultimately be up to the fans to make sure that everyone could get a copy of Weezy’s 90s Ball “just as they made sure that Danger Mouse’s ‘Grey Album’ didn’t die a quiet death after the cease and desist letter.”

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