GRAMMY Award-winner Paula Cole, one of the preeminent female singer/songwriters of our generation, journeys to ITHACA on her deeply personal new album to be released on Decca Records September 21st.
On her fifth album ITHACA, Cole takes listeners on an intensely emotional, yet uplifting journey through divorce (“The Hard Way,” “P.R.E.N.U.P”) and the struggle to recover one’s identity (“Elegy,” “Waiting on a Miracle”) before allowing herself to revel in the healing, redemptive power of new love (“Sex,” “Come on Inside”). Along the way, she acknowledges being torn between work and her daughter (“Somethin’ I’ve Gotta Say”), and ultimately celebrates having music to get her through it all (“Music In Me”).
“My albums are like Polaroid snapshots of my life,” says Cole, whose last album, Courage, was released in 2007. “The writing is the hard part because my process is highly personal and autobiographical. This new album reflects me processing the things in life we all face on a daily basis.”

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