Sab The Artist, Self-Titled

Sab The Artist, not to be confused with Saab the car but definitely comparable in terms of quality, precision and high performance, is making his move.   Sab The Artist, originally from Minnesota but now based in Vegas, attempts to spread love through his music.   Sab gives off a positive energy that is absolutely contagious.   The beauty here is that even though Sab is makin’ happy-go-lucky tunes, there’s a deeper message instilled in each and every song.   Sab is an artist who keeps everything in perspective and has figured out a winning formula that works with his brand new EP.

Besides being a talented rapper, hip-hop artist, songwriter & performer, Sab also co-founded the indie hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment.   The production on this 7-track recording is sharp as a tack thanks in big part to Tom Baker of Precision Mastering whose work includes: The Beastie Boys, Ray Charles, Fergie and B.B. King.   Sab has created art through his music in what he likes to call “Horned Heart Music, which is a symbol and beacon for the misunderstood”.  

The EP combines hip-hop, pop & rap lines to make up something that is icy fresh and steamin’ hot.   The disc starts up with a fun ‘n’ innocent vibe & flow on “Lookin at Girls” where Sab has something to say to all the ladies out there.   This is exactly what he has to say to all the women listening: “I can’t stop lookin’ at girls because y’all are too hot.”   Sab is simple, direct and to the point here as he just can’t hide his feelings anymore about the female anatomy.   Next up is a track titled “Artsy Crafty” that has some very catchy beats & sounds that will make you bounce around all day long.   On song four, “Just Wanna Have Fun”, Sab mixes it up a bit by giving you those good-times vibes but done with a slightly melancholy tone.   Very interesting approach here as Sab attempts to bring this song to life through the act of musical art.   On track five, “Laugh”, you witness a serious tone and a sense that this really isn’t a laughing matter.   The message I gathered here is that we ALL need to come together to make this world a better place, so that we can all universally laugh finally.   The rhyme flow and beats are on point during the song “Never Knew Her” and Sab decides to close the show on a Caribbean island-sounding note with “Right Here”.  

No need to take a jab or even call a cab because this fab Sab has got a gift for gab.   Take a chance on Sab The Artist; roll the dice and roll ‘em twice to hear the listener yell out NICE…NICE…NICE!   Sorry, thought I’d put my own rhyme skills to the test I confess, but if you do not approve then I suggest you put it to rest and please do contest.   Enough of that now but on a serious tip; Sab The Artist has made a great EP full of promise & potential.   This multi-talented music artist may live in Sin City, but he lives his life by the code of positivity.   The music speaks for itself and you will realize that once you sink your ears into all seven tracks.   Sky’s the limit for this rappin’ songwriter and based on what I heard on this EP, Sab The Artist is well on his way.   For more info, SKOPE out  

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[Rating: 4.5/5]

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