Jita, The Power of One/Lean On

This singer/songwriter from South Florida wants to prove to you that the power of faith can go a long way.   Jita has one mission and that is to pump nothing but positivity into today’s society, which is much needed.   She has one message and that is simply this: In the end, everything will be okay and work itself out, so go ahead and throw all of your constant worries & ongoing problems right out the window.  

This six-track EP focuses on two main songs: “The Power of One” & “Lean On”.   “The Power of One” actually has three different versions: Regular, Contemporary & Spanish.   Each number has its own identity & style, so no need to worry about things becoming mundane & repetitious.   This Jita is a special-kind-of-artist because you can tell that she puts extra TLC into each and every song.   Her musicianship & artistry passes all tests with flying colors as Jita appears to be shining bright.

Jita mixes genres to make up a very refreshing sound that incorporates everything from R&B & Gospel to Contemporary & even Pop/Dance.   This talented artist has an international appeal thanks in big part to her wide range of musical tastes.   Jita wants to make sure that you never get bored as you experience this entire recording.   One thing is for certain and that is that the driving force behind this record lies within Jita’s strong belief of God.   “Lean On” is a good example of this as the song depicts no matter what struggles we go through in life, the Lord is always there to guide us along.   This installment was actually written right before Jita’s mother passed away, which makes the song even more meaningful for Jita & the listeners.   This track has a pop/dance appeal that is moving in terms of the beat and also moving in terms of her touching message.   The record starts up with the regular version of “The Power of One” that touches on the force of individuality.   One person can make a huge difference in this world through kind acts and positive reinforcement is what Jita is stressing here.   Right from the start, I hear a female singer whose music is both uplifting and full of color & life.   Jita exhibits such a pleasant singing voice where you think to yourself she was meant to do this.   The Contemporary version, up next, is less animate & more simplified but still very powerful in presence.   The Spanish version displays a dance rhythm that adds a flavorful twist to this empowering song.  

Jita is coming off her debut album Sweet Lyric and I would say this six-track set goes beyond Sweet Lyrics and enters into the realm of Inspiring Melodies.   Jita has found God, has found herself and now she has found many endearing fans with more on the way.   Never stop believing because the day that you do is the day that you are defeated; let Jita shed some welcoming light on your days.   Through the power of faith, love & music, Jita attempts to save this planet one person at a time.   Hope is alive and well, which is very reassuring to know and I commend people like Jita who are helping with this cause–Thank you.   For more on this solo act and her new release, SKOPE out www.jitamusic.org.

By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com)

[Rating: 4/5]

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