We made it through another week, I am ready for the weekend! Before I go into R&R mode, I had to post a new feature with a woman who just blew me away. Gayle Day grew up in London but decided to move to the USA and pursue music with a ferocity that you do not see all the time. Gayle is gearing up for a west coast tour in September and she will be playing songs from her new album, ‘Beautiful Dangerous.’ Gayle is a musician and a mother and an inspiration to all who give her a listen. Join us as we talk about parenting, bubble gum pop, her dangerous side, and so much more!

Stoli: Where are you right now as we speak and how is your week going?  

Gayle Day: I am at home in West Hollywood, drinking a glass of pinot noir, I just put my daughter to bed and I am listening to the this country/indie rock band I am into called Honey Honey. I saw them play Sat night at the Ford theatre. My week is going really well. Its been action packed, I also run a Music Library called LALA MUSIC that place’s songs on film and Tv and books tours for artists. I played on Monday night and have been writing and rehearsing this week as well as catching up on Mad Men and Entourage.

Stoli: I love your name, Gayle Day. Is that your real name and if not how did you come up with it?

Gayle Day: My real Name is actually Gayle Davidson, I wanted a short catchy name, so Day seemed to be a good abbreviaton of Davidson. No relation to Howie Day, but I am a huge fan of fellow animal advocate Doris Day, so it seemed like a good idea.

Stoli: I am addicted to your song, “Right Where We Oughta Be.” Is that song based on a current relationship and is that the stand out single?

Gayle Day: It’s not really based on a current relationship. My co-writer and I were talking about not writing a ‘typical’ love song and we both are in long term relationships, so we started talking about the ups and downs of any relationship and then he started playing the chorus part and I started singing the ‘you and me are right where we oughta be’ and then wrote the song from there on. I’m glad that you like it! Yes it is the stand out single.

Stoli: Your album, ‘Beautiful & Dangerous’ is packed with 14 tracks. How long were you writing & recording this album?

Gayle Day: The whole album was a process of about 2 years, the title track was the last song that I wrote for it while I was 7 months pregnant. I started recording before I had finished all 14 songs, I just kept recording as they were written. I finished it a week before my due date.

Stoli: You are obviously a beautiful woman, but I am intrigued to know about your dangerous side?

Gayle Day: Ha ha, thank you! I certainly have a mischievous side. Dangerous? hmm probably not in a knife yielding murderess way, but I like to think I have a dark side. But I am actually quite friendly. The title actually was inspired by a conversation that started in a bar late one night at a songwriter’s expo.

Gayle Day “Beautiful Dangerous” MP3:


Stoli: How much of you real life is relayed in the lyrics of your songs?

Gayle Day: I like to use ‘REAL LIFE’ in all my songs, it’s not necessarily all of my ‘REAL LIFE’ but I also use a lot of scenarios that happen to friends or even strangers that I find fascinating. But obviously it has to move me deeply to make me want to write about it.

Stoli: How hard is it being a mother and still pursuing music and does your child enjoy music like mom does?

Gayle Day: At first it was a juggling act of course, because suddenly you have another person in your life and your schedule is not your own anymore, but once you get used to it you we make it work. I have days that she goes to day care so i get to write and do my thing. I have a great assistant/friend who comes on tour with me and looks after her whilst I am playing shows. My daughter ‘Petal’ loves music, she already has 2 ukelele’s, a drum set from the ‘drowned world’ Madonna tour and a harmonica. (her god-father is a well known drummer and a long time friend)

Stoli: I listen to a genuine & inspiring artist like you and then I put on the radio and hear pop bubble gum. Does that bother you and what keeps you from making pop bubble gum?

Gayle Day: I have nothing against bubble gum pop! I love it in fact! I like to think I can go a little deeper myself as an artist, but i like to write bubblegum sometimes for pitching to other artists.
Stoli: What has being a musician added to your life on a personal & spiritual level?

Gayle Day: So much, the fact that I can write a song and then perform it and move people is amazing to me! And on a spiritual level, I can be feeling lost and confused and I may sit and write a song and its like I’m channelling my higher power and I have no idea where it came from, but it comes and transforms me every time.

Stoli: You are gearing up for a west coast tour. What personal items are a must to bring with you?

Gayle Day: Well I usually worry about what to bring for my daughter, wet-wipes are number one on the list and they make a great eyemake-up remover, oh and soy milk, my laptop, phone and charger and plenty of clean underwear.

Stoli: What is coming up for Gayle Day and where can we follow your moves online?

Gayle Day: Buy My Cd ‘Beautiful Dangerous’ at Itunes:


For tour dates go to:

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