Montana 1948, Teaser EP for the album Picket Fence

First off, this band is not from Montana, they do not play 1948-styled music and there aren’t any white picket fences around.   If you thought that then you were way off base I’m sorry to say!   And no, I’m not teasing you on this matter either!   The real truth of the matter is that Montana 1948 is from the San Francisco Bay Area and they play energized & invigorating alt-rock music.   Montana 1948’s name actually comes from a Western novel by Larry Watson that signifies, to them, a deep connection between singer & band.   Picket Fence represents completeness in the fact that this will be their first full-length album and it also proves that each member has fully come into their own.   I guess an easier of way putting it is simply that Montana 1948 is all-the-way in the zone on this new EP for Picket Fence.

Montana 1948 is made up of: Ryan Lafferty on lead vocals, Charlie Maynard on drums, Dan Prull on lead guitar & Raza Malik on bass.   This four-piece rock band is coming off an exciting EP from 2009 titled Tiny Drawings.   This brand-spankin’ new teaser holds four gems that will give you just a taste of what’s to come on Picket Fence.   That taste that you’re getting here is pretty damn good and it will definitely get you pumped up for the new album to come; I promise!

The four tracks I heard on this EP stand out in a crowd because they each have substance and stellar performances.   I loved the pure rock vibe throughout this recording that Montana 1948 really played up well.   I have to say that Lafferty’s voice jives in perfectly with the rest of band and it’s indescribable.   The band chemistry is just one of those things that can’t be explained here; it just works and that’s it.   All the pieces seem to fit perfectly together as the Bay Area musicians bring you a complete overall sound that works on all angles.   I even picked up on glimpses of a similar-sounding singing approach to that of Chris Daughtry during certain sections of particular songs.  

Right out of the gates it seems that these boys can do no wrong.   If it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it is the old saying and that stands true here with Montana 1948 as they seemed to have reach their musical peak.   As a band, they are making solid rock jams that sound really good and come together quite nicely.   What more can you ask!   For more on Montana 1948 and their upcoming release, Picket Fence, SKOPE out   And be on the lookout for a tour as Montana 1948 roll through a town near you.  

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 4/5]

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