Kottonmouth Kings are currently streaming their entire new album online at www.MySpace.com/KottonmouthKings. The group’s new album, “Long Live The Kings”, lands in stores on April 20th, 2010 through Suburban Noize Records.
“When it came time to record our new album, ‘Long Live The Kings’, we decided to switch things up by adding our labelmate the Dirtball to the group,” says Daddy X. “It would have been easy to go through the motions and put it in cruise control, but we opted to switch things up and move in a new direction. So with a new creative energy, we rented a cabin for six months in Sequoia National Forest and started writing and recording. In a lot of ways this felt like the same energy we had when we were making our first record. We weren’t afraid to try new things and take a bold step in a new direction with this album. I think the music speaks for itself and this is one of the best records the Kottonmouth Kings have ever done.”

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