With the release of her highly anticipated, stylistically eclectic indie debut album Warrior Angel, Washington, D.C. based singer/songwriter L’illon does more than simply break genre and cultural barriers. She remarks, “ I would like to set the beat with Lucid Pop for the next decade and beyond.”

“L’illon is about to take the music world by storm,” wrote Skope Magazine.
This multi-talented visionary artist forges a groundbreaking path into a dynamic new realm she has coined as “Lucid Pop”- a modern sound that blends classical, world and pop elements and creates a musical mood unique from any other.

ASCAP VP Ralph Murphy calls L’illon’s music “really cool stuff.”
Throughout the ten tracks of Warrior Angel, L’illon’s compelling sound is intensely patterned, blending bass and guitar grooves, percussion rich beats, surprise string and wind riffs, and an emotionally powerful vocal presence that pulls it all together.

“L’illon’s vocals are much like a chameleon changing colors to adapt to its environment, with vocals that range from sweet and innocent to sultry and dripping with sensuality.” C.W.Ross

ROCKWiRED wrote “L’illon is a hauntingly sensual vocalist capable of switching from buoyant to serene in a moments notice.”

From the fast, hip swaying opener “Love Story” (a song about possibilities and surprises that sets the exciting uptempo groove) to the more intense mystical title track and the enigmatic “Sweet Surrender,” or the Lucid Pop tango “Tu Solo Tu” (that will get people dancing and romancing for hours), these songs create a musical vision focused on both today and tomorrow.

“Tu Solo Tu (Only You)” is a bonafide hit.” NeuFutur Magazine

The world is quickly catching on and embracing the future of music as L’illon is creating it. The album has won a RadioIndy “GrIndie Music Award” (Independent Artist Music Award – Best New Music 2009) and “all” tracks from the album have hit #1 in 13 different music categories–totalling 23 #1s–on the influential music site www.radioindy.com . Warrior Angel has enjoyed steady airplay on a variety of international and US media outlets.

For more information or for a preview of “Warrior Angel,” visit http://www.lillon.com

Press kit available by contacting: kickassmusicpromo@gmail.com

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