Yeasayer, Odd Blood

pe-yeasayer-odd_blood_phixrWhile many indie fans waited in eager anticipation for Yeasayer’s   second full length, Odd Blood. And it’s safe to say that after a few spins of Odd Blood, listeners will have their work cut out for them. No, it`s not as if Odd Blood is a particularly challenging listen. In fact, the experimental psych-popppers have relied on the latter categorization; they`ve given into their inner guilty pleasures and delivered ten tracks that, while thick with production, are for the most part rather envigorating and intoxicating. Gone are the blatant attempts to confuse listeners with difficult loops and a lack of rhythms. If anything, Odd Blood has an abundance of rhythm and melody. Take `Madder Red` which, while apparently inspired by a John Lennon track, still hoardes in the masses on the dance floor with a delicious sing-a-long chorus and politely electronic beats.

Yes, Odd Blood does wander some, but it`s clear after a few listens that there is a focus here that won`t wane anytime soon. The sound is thick with ambience but somehow, still gets a groove on with a playful approach. With the indie pop slowly creeping its way into clubs everywhere, don`t be surprised to hear DJ`s bust out cuts from Odd Blood soon enough. But still there are complexities to the record that deserve to be examined. And God knows they`re enough people for that job.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3/5]

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