Snowblink, Long Live

Long-Live_phixrThe earthy feel of Long Live, the stunning latest release from Snowblink is one that ought to be soaked in with full attention. The rumbling and organic folk that gives weight to Daniela Gesundheit’s spirited, haunting voice is well-crafted and subtle. But the true beauty of Long Live, as exemplified on tracks like the rolling “Ambergris” is how subtle the beauty of Long Live really is. Gesundheit’s delicate croon works in waves, though it’s never overbearing.

Slow, soft tunes litter Long Live, but Snowblink isn’t afraid to kick things up a notch, including on the radiant and mystic rumbler, “Membrillo,” and the stomping resonance of “Heckling The Afterglow.” While most of Long Live consists of shorter tracks that at times feel confined and unable to reach their full potential, Long Live is not a disappointment. It’s a thorough, comprehensive work as art that deserves to be appreciated as a full record instead of a collection of songs.

“Green To Gone” possesses a certain native North American charm, and in that sense, acts well as a representative of the record. Destined to be a mainstay in coffeehouses and candle-lit nights for years to come, Snowblink’s Long Live grows from the ground up and exudes a patient warmth in the process.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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