Recently, I had a chance to talk with a real life Warrior Angel who is ready to set the music world ablaze!   With her new album, Warrior Angel, L’illon is ready to bring her own “Lucid Pop” brand to the forefront.   This D.C. artist blends together an exciting mix of pop, classical & world elements to make up this hip & sexy new formula of sound.   Literally on fire, L’illon can seem to do no wrong at this point!   If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself and ENJOY!!!

Jimmy Rae:   First off, congratulations on the new record, Warrior Angel, which is just phenomenal!   Please explain to all the Skope readers how much blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this album?   How do you feel about the end result?

L’illon:   Thank you for your expressed comment!   I’m very excited about my debut album release and sharing the first ever Lucid Pop album with the public.   Warrior Angel has been meticulously crafted and executed.   This is a production to be enjoyed song by song or in its entirety, like being front row.

Jimmy Rae:   Do you personally consider yourself a Warrior Angel and if so are you destined to be THE ONE to take over the music world and be a savior of sorts?  

L’illon: I would like to be considered a steward of a noble cause, to be in a league of my own, to take music to a new level. The power created by Warrior Angel is uplifting.

Jimmy Rae: Your Warrior side shows because I am aware that you are fighting for a musical revolution of sorts through your own music.   What type of musical revolution are we talking about here and what do you expect to achieve out of all of this?   Any inspiration from music legend, John Lennon, who truly believed in the idea of a revolution?  

L’illon:   Musical revolutions start with a self made artist, starting from nothing, then creating a range of sounds like no other in the world; becoming a sort of   ‘musicological super-power’ for a time.   With the world having so many issues to deal with on all levels, we need hope so that people can carry on.   It is hope that gives humanity that extra ounce of comfort during dire times (like ‘Hope for Haiti’) and I want to bring that glimmer of hope to people through my music.   Lennon fought for Peace and L’illon fights for Hope.


Jimmy Rae:   Your Angel side also shines through brightly due to your angelic voice that evokes a divine & passionate spirit.   I have to imagine that all of your lyrics are coming straight from the heart at all times; in that case what impact do these words have to you emotionally?   I can’t imagine the feeling you must get out of that as you’re performing the songs.

L’illon:   To best answer this is to quote Balthasar Gracian, “Words that come from the heart, enter the heart.”   The surge of feeling that comes is to boldly pursue my dreams.

Jimmy Rae:   There obviously seems to be a perfect mix between Warrior & Angel; how were you able to successfully balance out the two?

L’illon:   The balancing act between two seemingly polar opposites was one of the many challenges to producing Warrior Angel.   For this, I chose to encapsulate the essence of both by highlighting their unique qualities.   The Warrior fights for justice and truth, the Angel brings hope and joy.   The Warrior observes and takes note of events, the Angel
contemplates and comforts.   The Warrior lives and the Angel loves.

L’illon “Love Story” Via Jango.com:


Jimmy Rae:   Your music has a very vibrant sound combining a mix of pop, classical and international elements that add up to a very hip and modern feel.   You have even called it “Lucid Pop”, which applies to this new sensation of sound you’ve created as an Angel Warrior.   Lucid seems to be the best definition to describe your most recent work, but I have to ask if you are a “Lucid Pop Artist” from here on out?   Are you complete now or is there much more to come from L’illon?    

L’illon:   It is important to continue to evolve as an artist.   For a singer/songwriter, that means double the effort.   The earth’s resources are finite, but the creation of sound is not. (In this context, it cannot end with an apocalyptic bang.   But if you think it will, one can just compose music about it.   That would then be my ‘Panic and Chaos’ album.)   There is much more to come from L’illon.


Jimmy Rae:   During my review of Warrior Angel, I described your distinct sound as “Vibilicious Pop”.   So L’illon, what do you say to tagging your cool style as “Lucid Vibilicious Pop”?   LoL

L’illon:   I luv it!   You have pioneered a phrase which I really like.   If I had met you several years ago, who knows, it could’ve been Vibilicious Pop.   But the description is in good hands, to be contemplated with appreciation.

Jimmy Rae:   I have to say that L’illon, Warrior Angel sounds like an awesome title for a movie or show!   Just like you had “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Conan the Barbarian”, L’illon, Warrior Angel could be the next smash hit!   Have you ever thought about this yourself and if not how do you feel about this idea?   Just think of this: your own character with lucidness as her weapon of choice to go along with a vibilicious look & presence.   What do you think?  

L’illon:   That’s an interesting idea.   Let’s script it a bit further: all is not well on the Western Front; visualize industrial collapse.   It is a race against time.     Everyone is moonstruck.   Enter Warrior Angel. (Simplicity at its best; the premiere could be at Cannes.)


Jimmy Rae:   In real life, would you consider yourself to be more of an angel or warrior or maybe a little bit of both?

L’illon:   People are complex; I am no exception.   Everybody embodies a variety of character traits, so do I.   There are days when I am definitely more of an angel, but also periods when fighting for what I perceive to be a just cause comes more to the fore.

Jimmy Rae:   I couldn’t help but notice that the first track on the album, “Love Story”, has a very hip-moving, worldly-type appeal that displays a close resemblance to that of Shakira’s style?   Was this the idea all along or did it just kind of happen like that unexpectedly?   On that note, may I ask if Shakira is a major influence on you and your music?   Any other key influences in your life you’d like to mention?

L’illon:   The beat created the heat and everyone’s feeling it.   The passion element is strongly represented in “Love Story” as it is in Shakira’s music, which went international. Lucid Pop by L’illon is international likewise.

My influences are many and varied, from performers to songwriters; The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Ben E. King, U2, Prince, Sting, to name a few.

Jimmy Rae:   The title track seems to sum up everything that makes up L’illon and Warrior Angel, “where mysterious, magical, mystical, divine, sincere and powerful all collide together”.   Does this song encompass everything that is you, as a musician?  

L’illon: You have described the essence of Warrior Angel beautifully. What more is there to say?

Jimmy Rae:   I also picked up on a very sensual and even seductive tone at times while listening to your CD.   Would you say this is also a very crucial component as to who you are as a performing & recording artist?

L’illon:   Entice, enchant, enthrall, all these are vehicles, if applied skillfully, add beauty to any musical creation.

Jimmy Rae:   Curious if you have another job besides making tunes?   If so, would you care to delve into that more for all the Skope readers?   Going off of that, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

L’illon:   My world revolves around “making tunes”.   But like in anybody else’s case, my interests go beyond my central calling in life.   I like to engage in charity work, I am an aficionado of tea drinking, and am passionate about fine arts.   Spending long hours in museums is no rarity for me.


Jimmy Rae:   I’m dying to know and I’m sure the Skope Universe is also curious to find out how the name L’illon came about?

L’illon:   From my sister, she called me L’illon first; it’s a combination of my first and last name.   She’ll also be the first to tell you she gave me the apostrophe, but that came much later.

Jimmy Rae:   What’s next on the horizon for singer/songwriter, L’illon The Angel Warrior?

L’illon:   It’s a secret (carefully guarded by the US Copyright Office.).

Jimmy Rae:   Thank you so much for your time and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more from you in the near future.

L’illon:   Much luv from D.C. to the Skope Universe and a special thanks to you, Jimmy Rae.

For more on this “Lucid Pop” sensation, SKOPE out http://www.lillon.com.  

By Jimmy Rae (jrae@skopemag.com)

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