Johnny Action Figure is self-releasing a brand new, full-length album titled Good Eye on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. Since their inception in 1999, their bright and melodic pop rock music has grown in both lyrical and musical complexity.

Consisting of vocalists / guitarists Chris Sheehan and Brendan Fullam (sharing duties), bassist / vocalist CF Fullam, and drummer Brad Rittle, Johnny Action Figure uniquely blends modern and classic sounds, and their wide range of styles and influences come together on Good Eye.The album’s sound has been compared to artists across the spectrum, from Elvis Costello, Steely Dan, and The Beach Boys; to contemporary bands like The Shins, My Morning Jacket and Elliott Smith. Each song on the album stands remarkably on its own, all while Johnny Action Figure’s signature three-part harmonies maintain an incredibly imaginative vocal balance.

[youtube Z7sAfJdv8pk nolink]

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