Talented musicians come a dime a dozen. They’re the soundtrack to every dive bar and street corner, cruise ship and four star hotel across the continental US.

And for anyone who will listen, they have a song to play.

From the ghettos of the inner cities to the concert halls of suburbia; from the Baptist churches of the South to the jungles of the Congo, they’re sound is heard all around the world. But they’re music is more than just notes brought together to create melodies; it is a representation of who they are, where they come from, and where they want to be.

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But of the millions of musicians throughout the world with the glint of stardust in their eyes and a guitar in their hands, only a handful seem to make it. The view from the top is exclusive and there is room for seldom few.

In a ‘chew them up, spit them out’ industry, only the elite have a place beyond the velvet rope, and the rest are left behind to pick up the pieces of shattered dreams. The music industry, both unforgiving and unpredictable, is one of the hardest to break into. It takes no prisoners but will steal your soul if you let it. And this week’s treasure can easily turn into next week’s trash.

A fan of music for over two decades, I’ve seen the triumphant rises and tragic falls of every kind of musician from the multi- hit makers to the one hit wonders. I’ve frequented the dive bars and jazz clubs and ambient lounges and heard the amazing talent that left me feeling like I got away with something because I paid nothing to hear them.

But talent isn’t the only prerequisite for success. It requires so much more, and I want to find out exactly what it takes.

Join me for the next few months as I take an intimate look at the journey to stardom. I’ll be following three different musical talents; solo artist MostArt and rock groups Pale and Slant. All three have their own sound and their own story to tell. They come from different backgrounds, are at different stages in their career, but are on the same course towards the same destination: success. All three have agreed to share their journey with the world; a tour of their ups and downs, their highs and lows, and everything else in between.

May their journey take them beyond the velvet rope…

Created & Written By: Keldine Hull –


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