The world has been awaiting the coming of Game Rebellion for a long time: An all Black all outta Brooklyn band whose metal, punk and rudeboy skanking licks sound as credible and crunchy as their hiphop lyrics and headnodding bounce.

Game makes the difficult sound effortless and the miraculous seem second nature: A hard rockin band with a B-boy MC who can actually spit? No problem. An upcoming EP created by a band that actually rocks and flows? No problem.

‘Blind’ Stream:


In short, Game Rebellion are a band of amazing musicians that are dedicated to defying the rules and creating their own way. The guitar solos of Yohimbe will leave you stunned at his free-flowing artistry and technical skill. The lyrical prowess and production of Netic provide an unobstructed view of the angst of young rebels everywhere. The musicianship and vocals of Emi display the conviction and the passion of a misunderstood generation. The thick and layered sound of Ahmed on the Bass will remind everyone that Game Rebellion is not here to play nice. The amazing versatility and hard hitting drums of Aaron provide the perfect tempo for the Game Rebellion mantra:

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