HENRY ROLLINS trades in his airline miles for a tour bus with the launch of his FREQUENT FLYER TOUR in early 2010. HENRY’s latest talking tour kicks off January 12 in Dublin, with the 45-date first North American leg departing from San Diego on February 17. Following stops in Australia and South Africa, HENRY returns for a second North American leg in mid-May.

As he did for last year’s Recountdown tour, Shepard Fairey designed the promotional posters for the FREQUENT FLYER TOUR.

“Since I was last on tour, I have been working in television and radio, traveling all over the world,” says HENRY. “And like everyone else, dealing with the changes America — and the world — is going through. I thought America would become a more peaceful place in 2009. I had no idea the country had so many lunatics. There’s a lot to remark upon, of course. There always is.”

When HENRY talks about traveling the world, he’s not referring to plush resorts and genteel European cities. HENRY’s current and most recent travels include stops in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, China, and Senegal. These global experiences — like past excursions to such vacation hotspots as Pakistan, Myanmar, and Siberia — not only supply humorous anecdotes for HENRY’s talking shows, but they inform his worldview. As Fairey’s tour poster bills it, “Knowledge without mileage equals bullsh*t.”

Tickets for the FREQUENT FLYER TOUR go on sale December 4, with pre-sales available December 1 through Music Today. For pre-sale information, go to: http://henryrollins.musictoday.com/HenryRollins/calendar.aspx.

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