Breakthrough Hip-Hop act, NEFEW, stamped with an American/Swiss postmark have secured a break through endorsement from sports apparel giant PUMA.   The duo, managed by Swiss based company On Our Feet Entertainment consist of Polemikk and PA-Double. Combined, NEFEW take on the coveted role of Opinion Leaders for Urban Lifestyle as they represent PUMA INTERNATIONAL.

The list of athletes and soccer players whom have been tagged with the PUMA brand heralds’ icons such as Pele, Diego Maradona and the Italian national soccer team.   More recently the German based company welcomed the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, to their extended family. However Hip-Hop acts and entertainers have never graced this prestigious list until now.

“We’re looking for a new generation of sports people and artists; people that really believe what they are doing because they love to do it,” says Fynn Kreuz, Marketing and Account Manager at Puma. “The same exact attitude that we love about Usain Bolt we love about NEFEW. They are humble and very talented individuals that care about their passion.”

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