Hockey, Mind Chaos

hockey_phixrYou’d think with a name like Hockey, this Portland foursome would be one of those shit-kickin’, tough as nails country bar bands. But thankfully for everyone who likes listening to records and going to shows and leaving with their teeth, this isn’t the case. Instead, the insanely catchy Hockey present a plethora of synth-laden hooks on their buzz-worthy debut LP, Mind Chaos.

Each tune drips with immediacy, the result of terribly infectious beats at the hands of drum machines and pulsating guitars. It may come as a surprise to many that Hockey hail from Portland. After all, their sound takes massive cues from the wave of (Ahem) new-wave, dance-rockk bands that flooded modern rock radio in the mid 2000’s. And on the first two tracks of Mind Chaos, the quick and chaotic “Too Fake,” which briefly exposes lead singer Ben Grubin’s range and the scratchy yet all-too-similar “3 AM Spanish,” you’d be dead on.

But there’s depth on Mind Chaos, albeit in small doses. The third track, the honest and musically emotive “Learn To Lose” shows a sensitive side of Hockey that might not win them as many friends on the dance-floor, but it definitely works in the favour of Mind Chaos as a record.

To consider the obvious however, it’d be foolish to call Mind Chaos a “Record” as much as it a collection as dance-floor ready new wave dance rock tunes. There’s no filler on Mind Chaos, just eleven, straight up bottle rockets waiting too explode. Mind Chaos is as effective as a shot of B12. Just try not moving to Mind Chaos.

Some might consider a record without any filler a bit overwhelming and draining, but odds are those folks aren’t likely to hang out in the joint where the DJ spins Mind Chaos repeatedly.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 3/5]

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