The Peace, The Peace

n100962718811_206--The Peace CoverThe Peace is led by Bobby Kendes who wrote all the songs for this debut release while also taking care of vocal & acoustic guitar assignments.   One other key figure on this record is Aaron Z. Katz who is responsible for producing, arranging, recording, co-engineering & mixing this entire project.   Katz also played other instruments on this album, which balanced out the entire recording quite nicely.   These two men have a vision and that is to bring The Peace to the forefront of America.

The Peace, fittingly enough, are stressing peace, love and positive spirits.   Bobby Kendes and his creation are invigorating a new style known as Hip Folk.   Hip Folk blends together elements of folk music with hip-hop.   Bringing together the 60s peace & love generation and the baggy jeans, backward hat club is an interesting yet intriguing concept.   Two completely different worlds collide to make up one influential sound for the ages!   In the end, The Peace does seem to conquer all.

This new wave of hope in music is so powerful that it deserves the right to be called a movement.   Sure enough, there actually is a Hip Folk, Inc that supports this whole new phenomenon.   I feel that this whole new movement will not only affect the music world, but will also affect our culture as well.   The Peace hold something special in their hands as they set out to make a positive difference in this world.   Bobby Kendes and The Peace are innovating & pioneering their way right to the top, no doubt about it!

As far as the CD is concerned, excellence at its finest with The Peace calling this album “hip folk music for hip folk”.   The record starts up with a beautiful arrangement laid down to rapping lyrics where Kendes spills his thoughts on today’s society in such a quick, direct and happening way.   The song “Seven” offers up a flavorful beat to go along with a soft touch of piano & strings in the background.   I really was digging the overall feel of this installment.   “Goin’ to Yoga” has one of my favorite lines from Bobby, which is “Life’s an ocean and we’re all waves in it”.   I couldn’t have said it better myself as you get a Barenaked Ladies meets Dave Matthews style in this light-hearted number.   “Already All Right” contains a slow & steady drum beat that hits to the tune of a simple yet subtle melody.   Track five, “Heaven”, touches on meeting real-life heroes, legends and just inspirational people in heaven.   Some names mentioned were: TuPac, Biggie Smalls, Marilyn Monroe, Babe Ruth, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, all the brave soldiers, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Einstein, JFK, Jim Morrison and Johnny Cash just to name a few!   The following track “Rookie and the Vets” has Kendes giving high praise and props to the established musicians that have helped pave the way for other artists.   The song mentions one of my favorite bands when Bobby K states joyfully “How about the Beastie Boys!”   I can’t help but notice that this track had a reggae vibe present where it seemed The Peace were going all Sublime on us.   “The 11th Letter” supplies a very cool video-game-sounding-effect that flows smoothly along.   One line in this song, “Take off your masks and look at God” is such a powerful message but performed in such a hip & lively fashion.   “Thank You” is a praiseworthy song where Bobby Kendes gives thanks to all things big and small from parents to pencils.   Track nine, “Free”, will have you clapping along to the sound of free will & freedom.   “Welcome to Vermont” has Bobby welcoming you in with open arms to a “place with no hate where everyone relates” that is Vermont.   The Peace end with a very touching yet dead serious topic titled “Your Heart”.   This song really hit me hard as I listened to a Bobby K strip himself of all the outside BS and just get in touch with his genuinely simple side.   He and The Peace are bringing you honest-to-truth goodness that comes from none other than the heart.   You get this and feel this that the heart is at the core of everything we know.   The question the group is trying to ask is why is everyone on their cell phones and texting?   Out of touch with reality and not in touch with their hearts I believe is the message The Peace was going for to end this 13-song-set.  

Get ready for this new movement called Hip Folk and watch The Peace solidify the whole thing right in front of your eyes.   Bobby Kendes is a very grateful & appreciative person based on his words and I think we can learn a lot from this individual and his Peace.   Hopefully The Peace will bring joy & happiness into the lives of many as we look ahead to the future.   If you ask me, this group is much needed in this day & age we live in.   Bring on The Peace and for more on Bobby Kendes and his masterpiece, SKOPE out  

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[Rating: 5/5]

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