Morning Fuzz, Self-Titled

175--Morning_Fuzz_Cover_phixrThis Morning Fuzz will without a doubt get your motor running from the early morning to the midnight hour.   Morning Fuzz are a Brooklyn-based band with ROCK at the core of everything!   The group is made up of front man, Frank Fussa on vocals & guitar, Chris Johanidesz on bass & vocals and Jesse Steffen on drums.   Worth mentioning that Fussa and Johanidesz were former members of Ultra High Frequency.   Now, the hype is centered around this energetic rock trio known as Morning Fuzz.   The three musicians come hard with an incredible driving force that can not be denied.   This may be just a 5-song EP, but the superb intensity displayed on this recording proves that we have a high-quality band on the rise.   The Brooklyn boys are bringin’ the heat and taking their music to max with this hot debut release!  

The EP gets right into the rock mode from the start with a great line from Fussa “The storm’s coming and I’m taking it on.”   Perfect lyrics to go along with plenty of punch & attitude on the opening track, “Sunday rise”.   The next song, “Roller coaster”, comes heavy with that rock-core sound & radio-friendly tone.   This track offers the best of both sides with high energy on one end and moments of calmness on the other.   “Downhill slope” should be called Uphill slope due to the electrifying & stellar performances from all band-mates.   Rock-nastiness at its finest here as the vocals are perfect, the guitar is terrific, the drums are slammin’ and the bass is rock-solid.   All-around band chemistry is at an all time high to this point.   The three-way connection rolls on to a fast ‘n’ speedy, drive-thru number on “Bedtown”.   The three members play like there is no tomorrow on this song.   Morning Fuzz bring it on home with “Comes around” to give you just an awesome, kick-ass sound to end all matters.

This band’s infectious style will rock your soul & your mind without question.   Morning Fuzz are rock & roll baby!   Watch out for these men from Brooklyn who hope to make a believer out of you and in the words of Dustin Hoffman’s Character, Raymond, from the movie Rainman: “the future of rock & roll”.   Morning Fuzz hope to make this famous movie tag line a reality and I say why not!   For more on Morning Fuzz and their exciting new release, SKOPE out  

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 5/5]

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