Academy Fight Song is proud to announce the release of Person L’s second full-length record, The Positives, on November 17th. In anticipation of the forthcoming release, the band will be exclusively premiering the new album’s title track on their Myspace page today, September 29th.  

Following the DIY nature of Initial, Person L’s 2008 self-released debut, the band looked to Aaron Marsh, lead musician and producer of the band Copeland, to produce The Positives at his home studio, The Vanguard Room. Marsh helped the band forge a new sound which clearly represents a huge departure from frontman Kenneth Vasoli’s former band, The Starting Line. A major contribution was helping them to bring to the fore the band’s trademark complex rhythms with their unique use of percussion and two drummers.   “We were aiming to keep a very raw and dirty quality to the record while still making it comprehensive and colorful,” notes Vasoli.

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