“The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) applauds FCC Chairman Genachowski for announcing his intention to open a rulemaking proceeding to ensure that the Internet remains open and neutral.

“A free and open Internet is necessary so that musicians and artists can effectively distribute their work. Artists of all levels of success use the Internet to get their music to fans, no matter if they are selling their work or streaming it. The Internet allows music and musicians to flourish.

“While AFM strongly supports the Chairman’s efforts to see that network neutrality regulations are passed by the FCC, AFM hopes that the Chairman will also focus on the need to address Internet piracy. It is important to AFM that the FCC not unintentionally limit the ability of ISPs, content creators or the federal government to protect copyrighted content traversing the Internet.

“Protecting copyrighted content is not antithetical to network neutrality and ensuring that the Internet remains open, neutral and free. AFM hopes to work with the Commission to see that both principles are enshrined in their regulations.”

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