TV Ghost, Cold Fish

tvghost_phixrI really wanted to like TV Ghost’s latest self-titled release. Cool name, rad cover art and the backing of a highly reputable label. Ingredients for a memorable ten tracks, no? But unfortunately,where there’s smoke, there isn’t always fire. There’s just a paltry attempt from TV Ghost to scream their way into entertainment. And as we all know from that chick from Psycho, usually the result is more painful than anything.

TV Ghost seems to operate free of any constrictions; frequent tempo changes throughout their post-punk and scatching assault may keep listeners on their toes, but they also prevent any hope of finding a groove that becomes memorable. “The Network” features a penetrating, synth-infused beat that could ultimately serve as the soundtrack to a nightmare one can’t escape, if that’s your thing. And for many, it is. But by “Bastille,” the seventh track on TV Ghost rolls around, it appears the Layfayette-based foursome seemed hell-bent on making a record that while insanely unconventional, varies little from track to track.

Many bands that seem pre-occupied with manking noise instead of crafting songs do so very well by finding a niche to call their own. From their, sonic evolution is possible. But TV Ghost seem way more pre-occupied with simply being heard, which ultimately comes across as being obnoxious. No one is asking TV Ghost to create a record full of lush harmonies, but simply attempting to do a little more than throw a thousand different sounds together in twenty five minutes. Maybe the album’s length is it’s saving grace.

By Joshua Kloke

[Rating: 1/5]

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  1. September 26, 2009 at 12:05 am

    the intent of this record is to be harsh, scary and un nerving. i think it is much better representaion of tv ghost then even thier earlier material (which is also awsome in my opinion).

    i think is great to find a band who wants to make that creepy meancing sound without it coming of as a joke or a gimmick. these guys take themselves seriously and have perfected the sound they are going for. might not be for everyone but i really see the passion they have when listening to cold fish. and the singer seems to be a pretty tormented guy after reading the lyrics sheet. this is stark dark punk with some hanuted synth and vocals that sound like the singer is struggling for his life. again , right up my ally but not for everyone.

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