“She was in love with him, and then she disapeared into the magickal waters, she fell and bumped her head, and then she swam and swam and swam in beauty until she could finally find him. and when she did, he was waiting day dreaming of her love bc he missed her….. waiting… waiting… and, waiting….with a diamond from her heart that she used to cry, he held it until he cried, remembered, how her diaomond tears lasted forever, then! out of no where they were back together stronger than ever. and a never ending love song till the end of time. I’m Dedicated to loving you forever, she got every thing she wanted, her dreams came true, let the music go on. I’m Dedicated to loving you like a diamond lasts forever.” – Eye’z :'(

[youtube Mzg7EG55XLI nolink]


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