Foster McGinty, Peach Red

fostermcginty2-cover1.JPGThis band is made up of Foster McGinty on guitar & vocals, voices and sound effects, Trifon Dimitrov on electric bass, David Butler on drums & percussion and Doran Danoff on organ & wurlitzer.   This record can be characterized as creative rock ‘n’ roll in the sense that classic rock meets a new age sound.   McGinty brings you bluesy rock with an old-fashioned appeal, but mixed with a new school vibe.   The overall effect is quite unique with its classic touch up & new car smell.  

McGinty and his band-mates seem to bring you back in time during their voyage on the magic carpet ride.   They bring you back to a time when the hair was long and peace & love were thick in the air.   Get ready to jump aboard the magic bus in route to the groovy 1960s baby!   Foster and his band even offer up some 70s rock appeal with McGinty’s face-melting guitar licks and Butler’s impressive display of heavy drumming.   Throw in a little funk & alternative and you have yourself one wild experience in Peach Red.   Dimitrov and Danoff also add some very groovy flavor via the electric bass, organ & wurlitzer.   I guess the appropriate phrase to say here would be:   It’s a trip man!  

Originally from a small farm town in Missouri, McGinty now lives NYC.   Small town roots with big city flair can best describe Foster and his music.   The organic/rootsy side of him meshes well with his newfound love for the Big Apple.   You put these two elements together and in turn Foster McGinty feeds you his plate of retro fused with modern rock.   The record is quite refreshing, to say the least, with its diverse tastes of music.

There are many moments during Peach Red that I hear vintage rock guitar solos.   Foster’s style of playing seems to be timeless and fluidly smooth.   The guitar aspect sounds very classic rock in the way that he plays his instrument.   The vibe Foster is giving off by picking away at his strings is that of a cool nature.   He also seems to thrive when he has his guitar at his side with constant inventiveness being displayed.   Classic rock, new-age jams, blues, funk and sound effects are all played and played on well by McGinty.   So, I say here then: PLAY FOSTER……PLAY!!!

Some might say that FM was born during the wrong time period; should have been around during the Woodstock days maybe.   I say no way though for the simple fact that this 20-something-year-old is reinventing that old sound by jiving it with a bit of 21st Century mojo.   Like I said earlier, creative rock at its finest as Foster McGinty seems to have found their niche in this ever-changing music world.   The only part I couldn’t swing with all the way was Foster’s singing style to these songs.   The vocals just didn’t work for me, at moments, but maybe I need to listen a few more times to really grasp the full concept.   Overall though, hell of a job making this diversified record, which provides Foster McGinty with tons of potential and promise looking ahead.   For more on the artists and their latest album, SKOPE out   I’ll leave by saying Peach Red is totally far out man!


Review By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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