acjuff5y5p2pecumn9iheytgo1_500a.jpgYou would think any fan of the Cobras would be more than happy to see the cover of the new album they will probably have stuck on repeat. Well, you’re sort of right.  Last night, via lead singer Gabe Saporta’s blog, Detox   To Retox, the lead Cobra revealed the cover of their up-coming album, “Hot Mess”. However, the fans themselves have had some very mixed views about the cover.

The cover features one of the band’s female friends appearing hot and sweaty, with a dangling   gold cobra chain, and stretching out her bottom lip revealing the words, “Hot Mess”. And of course, a colorful band logo slapped on top. While there’s a good amount of reactions containing the words, “HAWT”, “Love it!”, and “OMFG!!!” there   is plenty of the negative ones going around.

Many are saying the cover is ugly, misleading, and sexually explicit, fearing that parents will not allow their kids to purchase the album after seeing the cover. However, many are saying it’s not sexually explicit, but Saporta does mention in a reply that, “We’re not exactly the kind of music parents are psyched for their kids to have”.

With that said, we’ll leave the cover to your opinion, SKOPE IT HERE!

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