When the band was planning their video, it was only fitting that they turned to their fans once again to make it. “It’s a huge ‘Thank You’ to our fans,” beams vocalist Derek Nicoletto. “The video was our vision and our music, but we let our fans participate in a way we don’t see many other bands doing. We needed to make the first video about the people who helped make the album possible.” The video can currently be seen on the band’s MySpace page

[youtube ZDGNe4rN9aE nolink]

A collaborative effort on their fan-sourcing website (, fans were asked to contribute words and phrases that Derek would incorporate into the lyrics of the song. Some of these fans also appear in the video, which features a red ball being passed along around the world, beginning with Derek in front of NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. “I toss the ball to a girl in a boat in Orlando, Florida – that girl submitted the word ‘pounce’ that I used in the second verse of the song,” he explains. “The college kids from Indiana playing air-drums and acoustic guitar sent me the word ‘galavant’ that I used in the chorus. We also have two little Italian girls throwing the ball and hitting a little boy in the head in Woodbury, Minnesota, a German couple kissing with the red ball in a cafe, who caught the ball from a fashion designer in LA.”

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