andrewgoldstein.jpgWith just a week away until the release of their debut full-length album, Off The Deep End, Skope did an interview with frontman Andrew Goldstein about the release, guilty pleasures, and more.SKOPE: Where did the name Friday Night Boys come from?

ANDREW: Friday is the best day of the week, it’s a night to have fun and party, so after that was established, we just added on the Boys.

SKOPE: You guys are about to release your first full-lenght album, Off The Deep End, how was the process of making the album?

ANDREW: Incredible, we were out in LA recording with our producer Emanuel and it came out great. I loved the weather out there, it was very relaxing and fun.

SKOPE: How would you describe the new album to the fans and to people who are just learning about you guys?

ANDREW: More mainstream sound, more topics people can relate to, does have some very poppy radio songs, and the songs are about a variety of different things. More personal songs, not so much just about partying and all that.

SKOPE: What’s your favorite song off the new album?

ANDREW: Probably Suicide Sunday, and Apollo because of their personal meaning. Suicide Sunday is a teen-angst and rebellion song, it’s about not really caring what other people are telling you to do, and you just doing your own thing.

SKOPE: Let’s switch gears now, to when you the band first started. Before playing in a band, what was your job?

ANDREW: Well actually, we were all still in college and playing in different local bands so we all knew each other. One day, the guys asked me to join their band and I accepted.

SKOPE: Was doing some music-related as a job something you always wanted to do?

ANDREW: Yes, but it was something that I thought would never happen one day. If this never happened, I would probably be doing something in Pyschology right now since that’s what I was taking classes for in college.

SKOPE: Was it hard to get your name out there and get to the point where you are right now?

ANDREW: It was a pretty hard process, it was all about having a lot of connections, talking to people, and doing some online work. We also had a good amount of lucky breaks, but we’ve all put in a lot of work, and to finally have it pay off is very rewarding.

SKOPE: Would you say you have any guilty pleasures in relation to music?

ANDREW: Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. I really like a lot of pop music and female vocalists.

SKOPE: I can relate, I really like a lot of Madonna and Lily Allen

ANDREW: Haha, Lily Allen is great too!

SKOPE: Are you enjoying being on the Fueled By Ramen label and being exposed to the fans who almost worship this label?

ANDREW: It’s such an honor to be on this label and be associated with all the people who love and work with it.

SKOPE: Are there any songs out there you are eager to cover?

ANDREW: Actually, we have a cover of Champagne SuperNova by Oasis which is still being finished up, but we’ll probably release it as a B-side sometime in the future.

SKOPE: You guys are about to head out on a tour with Hey Monday, are you excited for that?

ANDREW: Yeah we’re all psyched for that, we’ve already played a few shows with Hey Monday, and we’re going to be with our friends in The Bigger Lights. Haven’t met This Providence yet, but their on our label and I’ve heard amazing things about them so it should be fun to meet them.

SKOPE: Have you or any other of your band mates had any embarassing on-stage moments?

ANDREW: In New York, our bass player [Robby Dallas Reider] lost a bet to the host of an online radio station called The Gunz Show, and it was a bet on the SuperBowl and unfortunately he lost so he had to play the show in his underwear while wearing a Gunz t-shirt.

SKOPE: What do you love and hate most about going out on tour?

ANDREW: Being able to go out and travel around the country and seeing everything. The worst part I would say is not being able to take a real shower.

SKOPE: I hear that you guys had a conflict this month on your tour with Forever The Sickest Kids, what happened?

ANDREW: At the end of the tour, the guitar player for FTSK got sick on the tour, so they had to cancel the last six dates of the tour, and when we heard that we headed straight home.

SKOPE: But I hear The Audition and White Tie Affair continued the tour?

ANDREW: Yeah, we found out half-way home that they were going to continue the tour and keep playing the dates, but we just weren’t going to be able to make it.

SKOPE: Are there any bands you would like to tour with in the future?

ANDREW: I’d say All-American Rejects, Cobra Starship, and maybe Katy Perry.

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Off The Deep End arrives in stores June 9th.To learn more about The Friday Night Boys, visit


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