ninja_phixr.jpgThe NINJA tour featuring Nine Inch Nail’s and Jane’s Addiction with opener Street Sweeper Social Club kicked off in West Palm Beach, FL at Cruzan Amphitheatre. This is the first tour in a long time featuring the original line-up of Jane’s Addiction, and supposedly the last time Nine Inch Nails will be hitting the road.

On May 8th, Nine Inch Nails kicked off their “final” tour, with the original line-up of Jane’s Addiction headlining and Tom Morrelo’s new project, Street Sweeper Social Club opening the night. Despite Nine Inch Nail’s not headlining, and starting even when there was still daylight, they played a fairly long set of 19 songs. It would’ve been 20, if the Cruzan Amphitheatre hadn’t turned off the PA after the band played “Head Like A Hole”. After said song, the band was supposed to finish their set with fan favorite “Hurt”, however because of the technical problem, it never happened, and many fans were very disappointed. Minutes later, Trent Reznor even tweeted about the mishap.After the industrial rockers walked off-stage, the audience started to thin out, many fans not staying around the first on-tour performance of the re-united Jane’s Addiction. However, Jane’s Addiction were still pumped to make the first night of the tour, a great night. The lights dimmed, and a white sheet with a video of various images representing the band’s risque image played. The sheet fell down, and the four members of Jane’s Addiction were finally revealed with front man Perry Farrel wearing a very interesting outfit that consisted of black sequent pants, a buttoned down patterned-shirt, and a shiny black boa. Obvious songs of the night, “Stop!”, and “Mountain Song”, were played, and Jane’s completed their set with Jane Says.

See photos from the show in the Skope Gallery

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