livvi-image-21_phixr.jpgMy next guest is a 21 year old named Livvi Franc. Livvi is a musician who was born in North Yorkshire, UK but grew up in Barbados. Livvi got her break when a friend of hers was babysitting for a music industry insider in Barbados. Livvi made a demo which would lead her to a deal with Jive Records. Livvi is turning heads with her single, “Free” which is an appetizer for the album coming this year. Join us as Livvi offers a glimpse into her reality.      

Stoli: How long were you grinding before you found out that you were being signed to Jive?

Livvi Franc: I had been actively working towards being signed by a major label since I was 16 years old.   I was taking vocal training, songwriting sessions, studio work, and doing fitness training for four solid years prior to my signing.  

Stoli: Your first single, “Now I’m That Bitch” is hot & controversial. What does being a “bitch” mean to you?

Livvi Franc: I know when people hear “bitch”, they react to the general meaning of the word…which is definitely negative. When I was writing this song, I decided to reclaim the word and turn it into something positive. I spent a lot of years being reserved in friendships and relationships, which lead others to think that i was really insecure and easy to write me off . As I grew older, I became more confident and develop a much greater sense of self…I now know what I want and what I don’t…Now I’m That Bitch! (B.I.T.C.H- Babe In Total Control Of Herself!!)

Stoli: Does it get annoying that just because you lived in Barbardos people compare you to Rihanna?

Livvi Franc: It doesn’t get annoying because it’s inevitable that people will make the comparison. Yes, we’re both from Barbados, both around the same age, both about 6ft tall with heels on!! LOL! I take it as compliment actually, she’s talented, beautiful and a has done so well in her career so far.

Livvi Franc – Free

[youtube V3vtQyKueTA nolink]

Stoli: You are not only very talented but you are very attractive as well. How do you keep yourself looking good everyday?

Livvi Franc: (Blush, Thanks for the compliment…what I CAN say its it ain’t easy!! I work out with a personal trainer (I call him the devil) about 6 days a week doing vigourous cardio and weight training. I’m not one of those girls who is just naturally thin (grrrrrrr) so I have to watch what I eat, limit carbs and drink loads of water!! I moisturize my face at night and don’t really get alot of sun. It’s terrible..I live in a caribbean island and barely go to the beach!! Shame on me. :)

Stoli: Do you feel that fans in the US have embraced your music differently from in the UK and why is that?

Livvi Franc: It’s really still too early to tell…

Stoli: How was working with JR Rotem and how did you know that you two would click & create good music?

Livvi Franc: I had no idea it would be so great! I got a call from my A&R at Jive, Jeff Fenster, to say we’d be working together and I was so excited because he’s had so many hits and worked with so many great artists. When we got in the studio it was a wonderful experience! He’s so talented and he brought out alot of the “flavour” (as he called it) in my vocals…he allowed me to dig deep and find those cool, unique things about my voice and the end result was incredibe!

Stoli: If I were to look at your I-Pod what other artists or songs would I see on there?

Livvi Franc: Wow..quite a variety of genres from pop to hip-hop to alternative to reggae…from Santigold to Lil Wayne…from Eva Cassidy to Paramore…and from Colbie Caillat to Beyonce.

Stoli: Besides fortune & fame, what are you looking to achieve through your music & career?

Livvi Franc: I really want to use my platform to help young people realise their dreams.   I have been so fortunate to have great support and none of what i have achieved would have been possible without it.  

Stoli: Growing up how did you deal with “haters” who would try and kill your dreams and tell you that you can’t?

Livvi Franc: I just kept my head high and knew that no one controls or dictates my life but me.

Stoli: What is the best part of being signed to a major label and is there alot of pressure that comes with that?

Livvi Franc: Being signed to a major label like Jive is great because they’ve got an incredible track record. There’s a greater sense of security because you know that they know what they’re doing. There is so much pressure for you to be on point and at the the top of your game…you have to sound good, look good, work hard and smile through it all!!!

Stoli: As an attractive & strong woman you must get approached by men alot. What kind of man do you like and what can a man do to get your attention?

Livvi Franc: I don’t really have a “type” but I like a guy who is talented, has goals, is ambitious and who is a leader and not a follower. To get my attention…he’s gotta have a confident air but not arrogant..nothing worse than arrogance!!

Stoli: With all the competition out there from Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna,
Keri Hilson, where does Livvi Franc fit in with the rest?

Livvi Franc: Like these amazing women, I am hardworking, focused, and passionate about my music! My music encompasses my Caribbean heritage with a pop vibe.   My songs give people real insight into both Livvi Franc, the artist and the person.    

Stoli: Where can readers get more from Livvi Franc and what can we look forward to from you?

Livvi Franc: You can look forward to great songs, great laughs (I’m really silly), a really fun album which will get you dancing (I’ll have to teach you guys how we do it in Barbados!!)

Photo Credit – Ronald Cadiz

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