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Founded in 1999, VWSS offers a top of the line truing program lasting six months, that whips into shape every conceivable nuance of world class voice coaching.   At only $350 per month, it’s demanding and taxing as ever for bold new voices and booked up months in advance. ILana Martin at her Vocal Workout Singing School offers a new approach to top rate vocal training.

She got her start with Barry White in the 1990s, and afterward launched the highly sought after “Vocal Workout, TM” given in Soho at the famed Vocal Workout Singing School, featured on NBC’s businesses to watch list and sought after by industry insiders (The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor).

Located in SoHo, Vocal Workout Singing School is a thriving business with an outlook that is trending big in a nation of aspiring superstars. As an easy alternative to elite colleges programs and hard to reach online gurus, it is uniqueness and customer zeal that is still hard to beat.

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