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MusicDishTV Presents “Day Dreaming” by JC Flow

Hip hop MC/Singer/Songwriter/Producer JC Flow‘s video and song “Day Dreaming,” co-written by and featuring soul/pop artist Jennifer Newberry and directed by photograph/videographer Mike Folden is a beautiful and touching story of a young man’s struggle to make the right choices, overcome depression, and face life’s many obstacles. Everyone, young and old, can relate to wanting…

MusicDishTV Presents “U & I” By Static

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Hip hop artist Static has released his latest track, “U & I,” which is an emotionally touching video and song that may just become the theme for every man who has messed things up with a really good woman and wants another chance to make her understand that he…

KRS One: The Message is Constant

KRS One is dressed in all black — wearing a black beanie on his head and a black ‘Stop The Violence’ graffiti t-shirt. He is dripping sweat from his enthusiastic performance at City Limits in Delray Beach, Florida, which has just ended about ten minutes ago.