Wolfgang Hildebrandt Presents “In My Eyes”

Known in Germany as the “Man in Black”, Wolfgang Hildebrandt, is a versatile German figure, encompassing roles as a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, philanthropist, actor, and the founder of Hollywood Hills Records and the Hollywood Late Night Show. His musical journey began in Euskirchen, Germany, under his father’s guidance, starting piano and guitar lessons at six years old. Early in his career, Wolfgang declined a prestigious role as lead singer for a German Military Band, prioritizing his lifelong mission of advocating for world peace through his distinctive musical expression. His dedication paid off when he signed his first contract with EMI Records in 1997, followed by successful collaborations and cover song renditions. Years of dedicated musical study led him to become the lead singer of his church choir and later its director.

Notably, Wolfgang composed “Let’s Build A House of Peace” in response to the 9/11 attacks, rallying NYPD officers to join him in recording the song as a gesture of unity. His commitment to peace through music extended to performances for notable figures like Pope John II and alongside Andrea Bocelli. As well as singing for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and working along 8 Grammy winner and close friend Andraé Crouch.

“In My Eyes” is more than just a musical creative effort; it’s a vibrant celebration of love, joy, and escapism. Crafted by Wolfgang Hildebrandt, an artist who understands the power of music to uplift and transport, this infectious track is designed to ignite a sense of excitement and elation in its listeners. With pulsating beats and catchy melodies, it invites you to let loose and lose yourself in its rhythm. Behind the scenes, the collaborative effort shines through, with the artist joining forces with songwriter India Perez to craft lyrics that resonate universally. Rooted in the desire to create a love song that transcends boundaries, “In My Eyes” effortlessly bridges cultural divides, reminding us that music is a universal language that knows no barriers.

The accompanying “In My Eyes” music video, a labor of love and AI creativity, amplifies the song’s message of positivity and hope. Through innovative comic-style visuals featuring characters and musicians with luminous, oversized eyes, it captures the essence of joy and inspiration. Actress Rosemary Rittner’s presence adds an extra layer of charm, bringing the song’s lyrics to life. It’s fabulous eye candy for a song that speaks to the power of love, and gives voice to the voiceless in a world where music serves as the salve, a prescription to help those yearning for human connection.

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