Uncle Ryano Presents “Twerkin’ With A Twang”

Uncle Ryano calls his work “American music,” a genre free from fences or walls. Growing up in the birthplace of blues and rock and roll, he has connected deeply with all forms of organic folk music from around the world. The Deep South is a true melting pot; his music reflects this cultural blend. Believing that a true artist seeks to inspire others to shine rather than hoping to be a lone star, Uncle Ryano founded Bottle Rocket Records. His vision is to create a safe space for trailblazers to pave their own roads to success. Despite taking a break to focus on his family, Uncle Ryano never truly left music, and music never left him. Family, to him, represents the true definition of sacrifice—giving up something you love for something you love more. Now, he’s proud to return and share his sound, and the public is welcoming him with open arms.

Following the success of his recent release “Run Wide Open,” a sonic shot of pure adrenelin embraced by fans everywhere, Uncle Ryano is gearing up to release an even more thrilling summer anthem. Co-written with Billy Ray Cyrus, this new song promises to ignite excitement and reaffirm Uncle Ryano’s place as a beloved figure in the songcraft arena. Get ready to crank up the volume and experience the magic of Uncle Ryano’s “Twerkin’ With a Twang”!

From a mere lyric, “Twerkin With A Twang” has blossomed into Uncle Ryano’s summer anthem. “Twerkin’ With A Twang” is a vibrant fusion of infectious beats and playful lyrics that will have fans hitting the dance floor in droves. The song’s irresistible chorus and upbeat melodies blend his signature blend of backwoods country and raw rock and roll into a toe-tapping celebration of joy and rhythm. “Twerkin with a Twang” isn’t just a song—it’s an invitation to let loose, have fun, and embrace the sheer joy of music together. Whether someone’s a longtime fan or just discovering Uncle Ryano’s music for the first time, this summer song promises to be a memorable addition to your playlist and a guaranteed mood lifter for any occasion. If you find yourself going deep down the Uncle Ryano rabbit hole, it’s okay. Everyone else is doing it too.

Uncle Ryano’s music video for “Twerkin with a Twang” unfolds in a lively country bar setting, where our master of ceremonies takes center stage, belting out his infectious earworm. With its hilarious and salacious animated style, the clip for “Twerkin with a Twang” not only captures the essence of the song but also embodies the pure enjoyment of music, dancing, and togetherness. It’s a visual spectacle that perfectly complements Uncle Ryano’s lively performance and leaves viewers tapping their feet and smiling along with the catchy beat.

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