Ontologics with ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning (LP IV)’

Ontologics is full of surprises and never a dull moment when exploring the musical universe. The newest album titled ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning (LP IV)’ offers a wide variety of styles, influences and elements. Ontologics has been referred to as “tasty soup for all to enjoy” and this most certainly is the case with the latest release.

Ontologics has a genre-bending approach to music by incorporating everything from alt rock, progressive rock and electronica to jazz, rap and world music. Pretty much everything under the sun with no limitations sums up Ontologics and ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning (LP IV)’. Ontologics is breaking the norm and shattering conventional standards with the brand new record.

Ontologics is solely Ian C who is a talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning’ includes 12 electrifying numbers with three bonus tracks. Also, P-Nut of 311 is a featured guest on the record and the album was produced by Ontologics, mixed by Rob Pemberton and mastered by Star Delta. It is also worth mentioning that there is alternate cover art for ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning (LP IV)’ that was created by two artists and their names are Harry Buntrock & Maryjka Babiak. All in all, ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning (LP IV)’ will get your ears buzzing and mind racing from start to finish.

We kick things off with “Ghouls Get Done” that is a ghoulish, good time as Ontologics supplies a radical mix and twisty beats. “Ghouls Get Done” is an intoxicating blend that will invigorate all of your senses. Next, Ontologics takes a no-holds-barred approach to music making on the title track “It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning”. We get no borders and thought-provoking notes & lyrics on “It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning”. Track three, “Drifting Into Traffic”, has a driving rhythm that is heading in the right direction and on a fast track to success street. Ontologics delivers a head-strong, solid set on the following track, “Simultaneous Experiences” that peaks your curiosity and has your imagination doing somersaults. On “Passive Aggressive Passion Aggression”, the appealing style immediately pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Major substance and meaningful material are being heavily touched on here as Ontologics lets loose on “Passive Aggressive Passion Aggression”. Track six, “Chasten Those That Hastle”, is musically rich and one enticing groove that is sure to please the listener. It’s time to capture crooks next where Ontologics is roaming through this musical jungle and searching for “Villains Shilling”. Prepare to invest your time and cash in on “Nonrefundable Experiments”. The listener is most definitely getting his or her money’s worth on “Nonrefundable Experiments” with music that matters, counts & POPS! As Ian C says on the track, “That’s how that shit goes!” On track nine, “Cooking The Books (Featuring P-Nut/311), Ontologics is bringin’ the noise with one, heavy-hittin’ mix. Things are certainly heating up on “Cooking The Books” as Ontologics and P-Nut deliver an electric performance that is just FIRE! We dive into the “Trenches And Abyss” next where Ontologics takes US on an interstellar voyage through space & time. It is worth noting that the word “Individuality” is emphasized and highlighted throughout “Trenches And Abyss”, so listen UP and listen CLOSELY. Mindful madness is hitting the airwaves on the following number titled “Mining The Mind Pit”. Your ears and brain are soaking up all of the dope notes & lyrics that “Mining The Mind Pit” has to offer. Ontologics finishes strong with “The Gallantly Spectating Gold Medal Olympian” where we are all over the map in a good way. Ontologics is commanding the mic and unleashing a musical force like never before on “The Gallantly Spectating Gold Medal Olympian”. Ontologics is in the zone and taking you on a full-throttled adventure on “The Gallantly Spectating Gold Medal Olympian” where your musical palette will be revitalized & reimagined. Additionally, the bonus material consists of instrumental tracks that are sure to satisfy and adds another wonderful dimension to the songs.

Ontologics has three consecutive Top 30 Albums appearing on Relix Magazine and Jam Bands Radio Chart. Ontologics has played with national acts such as Godsmack, Afroman, Michelle Branch and Gangstagrass. Song collaborations include: 311 bassist P-Nut, Primal Discourse, Thought Crimes and Hindsight Mind’s Right. The new release, ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning (LP IV)’, will excite the masses and get people talking! You can purchase the new album with bonus tracks now and both album covers are available. Be sure to SKOPE out this rad video promo for “Ghouls Get Done” (https://www.youtube.com/shorts/zM6-17PZ2RQ) where Pac Man fever is on like Donkey Kong! I am extremely impressed with the efforts of Ontologics here as ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning (LP IV)’ is one for the ages and one to take seriously. I am hoping for major traction and recognition for the newest release by Ontologics because ‘It’s Safe To Say The Veil is Thinning (LP IV)’ is SUPER legit folks!


By Jimmy Rae