Oblivea Present New Single ‘Black Sheep’

A classic 80s throwback, ObLiveA goes for a sheer intensity mixed with a hint of fun on the freewheeling “Black Sheep.” Krautrock-like rhythms, a hair-metal riff, and wild-eyed vocals tie the entire song together. Demanding it to be played as loudly as possible, there’s a stately grandeur to how they execute their vision. Everything here works, and the message of defiance is clear. The lyrics focus on the rebels, those who refuse to conform to society’s standards, and this rebellious attitude grows and expands into the infinite.

They waste no time. Right from the first second, a raw, ragged groove takes shape. Drums have this propulsive, frantic energy, with the rest of the group taking the lead. Interplay amongst the band has this genuinely inspired stance. With the title telling it all, this is a celebration of those who think differently and do things differently. The evolution of the sound happens rapidly. Despite some of the harsher elements in the mix, a decidedly catchy hook is employed that helps to give it an accessible quality. Layers filter in, gradually adding to the depth. By far, though, the main attraction is the sheer enormity that the song suggests – one of a vast, unending realm with vocals that seem to scream up into the air, an extensive, unknowable space.


“Black Sheep” presents a perfectly classic sound, with ObLiveA embodying the beauty of arena rock with a sound that offers an endless expanse.