‘Beckwith’ by B.K.W.H

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey through contemporary and timeless tunes? In the realm of music talents, B.K.W.H is a force to be reckoned with.

UK-based music artist B.K.W.H. is primed to take the music scene by storm. His two UK Top 40 hits, ‘You’re That Kind of Girl’ (#29 Official UK Charts) and ‘Be There’ (#37 Official UK Charts), are included on his brand-new album, Beckwith. Owing to his previous success as a songwriter and his exceptional lyrical ability, the album, which has two UK Official Top 40 Hits and five UK Top 10 R&B tracks, is a must-listen-to record.

B.K.W.H creates music that is memorable and invigorating, bridging genre lines. Some or all of ‘Beckwith’ will stick with you for a long time. Most of the time, his easygoing flow is effective, but occasionally, he highlights some noticeable emotional intensity. Because the content is honest and relevant, listeners will appreciate the subjects that most interest them.

B.K.W.H’s music prowess is influential. With Beckwith, he continues to push creative boundaries, reaffirming her position as a pivotal figure in the global music landscape. The collection of tracks is diverse showcasing his dynamic as an artist. With wide-ranging styles – from funky pop infusions to introspective R&B ballads – B.K.W.H is broadening his musical soundscapes while creating an individual yet distinctive sound that is his own.

Opening up the album, Jimmy Anthony’s production of ‘You’re That Kind of Girl’ introduces the album with a brand-new rendition of the timeless NEW JACK SWING song. It has already received over a million Spotify plays and includes an incredible rap cameo from MOTOWN GOLD selling M.C. Brains (Oochie Coochie).

The hits keep coming with ‘Be There’. Keith Murray, the renowned rapper from the New York Hit Squad, is featured in this UK Official Chart Top 40 Smash (#39). With its iconic ab-lib, “Call my name and I’ll come running,” Keith Murray connected this song to his earlier, equally iconic verses with LL Cool J and Total.

‘Can’t Beat The Weekend’ is a timeless classic of luxury soul blended with funk and style to create a contemporary two-step sound suitable for a new generation of musicians. The song reached the #26 Official Ireland Top 40 and #1 UK R&B iTunes charts. In the summer of 2023, the song accomplished its goal and prevented The Weeknd from holding the top place. Then, ‘Soulful Women’ honours all of the great female vocalists in R&B and soul, including Shola Ama, Caron Wheeler, and Beverly Knight. It is a soul song and the #10 R&B anthem on the UK iTunes. Ninetown, a group based in South London, wrote the song.

‘All My Love’ has been compared to the New Edition top 10 Billboard hit ‘If It Isn’t Love’ by some, and B.K.W.H. has hidden several amusing easter eggs for fellow New Edition fans throughout the song. Where B.K.W.H. produced and wrote the song ‘Without You’, which includes Kool G Rap, another legendary member of the hip-hop scene (Juice Crew). It’s a nice tune with a catchy melody, soul and ’80s hip-hop influences. Then, ‘Everyday’ is a Pete Rock and Mobb Deep-esque-styled hip-hop anthem. The vocal performance on this particular offering is exceptional. Following, ‘Get Down’ features Wu Tang, of Ghostface Killah, and has a smooth funk flavour showcasing his signature storytelling style and gritty delivery.

The album is complemented with an exclusive official remix by R&B virtuoso DJ Soulchild (4pm, Keith Robison, J.Daphaney), which offers a more modern Street Edge feel that is sure to take the club scene worldwide by storm. Blues & Soul magazine named the tune the second-best R&B song of 2023 (December 2023).

In this highly anticipated album, B.K.W.H. expands on his earlier work, exhibiting his versatility as a musician and his dedication to his profession. The danceable tracks have sounds incorporating R&B, funk, and soul blends that will keep you moving. He immerses listeners in fun noises on this album, giving them a taste of his captivating musical compositions. As he continues to push musical limits, he displays his extraordinary instrumental and vocal talent.

As his new album takes centre stage, fans of B.K.W.H.’s music can expect to enjoy the catchy rhythms and moving lines that have come to characterise his career. With each album, he continues to push the boundaries of musical expression, captivating fans and leaving a lasting impact on the current R&B landscape. The record invites listeners to immerse themselves in his most recent composition’s deep, rich tones. Get ready to dance to the modern classic sound and marvel at the genius of this well-known musician, B.K.W.H.

With its seamless fusion of R&B, pop, soul, and funk elements, this album is a great reflection of B.K.W.H’s ability to innovate while staying true to his roots. As he continues to gain more popularity worldwide, ‘Beckwith’ is a testament to his artistic evolution and music discography.

In summary, ‘Beckwith’ is a refreshing offering to the music scene. With its compelling lyrics, infectious melodies, and timely messages, B.K.W.H’s new album highlights his musical talent.