Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds Come with ‘Limbs & All’

Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds are like a fine wine where standards are high and quality is present. This band is made up of five members and offers up an incredibly dynamic sound on the new release titled ‘Limbs & All’. This is the second album for Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds and the material covers all the highs & lows in life in perfect fashion. With elements of alt-folk, pop and americana, ‘Limbs & All’ is sure to peak your interests and keep you engaged from beginning to end.

On this record, you have Bec Taylor on vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, Hammond organ, piano and percussion, Sam McNair on vocals, acoustic guitar and banjo, Sophie Chapman on vocals and bass guitar, Grahame Thompson on drums and cello and Hannah Beasley on vocals and Wurlitzer piano. The album also features Matt Dixon on pedal steel guitar and Jacqui Bradley & Donal Baylor on violins. Together, Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds are coming out of the gates strong by delivering standout performances on ‘Limbs & All’.

The harmonies and instrumentation on this record are ridiculously good and just an utter delight to hear. Bec Taylor wrote many of the songs on ‘Limbs & All’ while pregnant and nursing her firstborn. That nurturing sincerity and motherly touch can certainly be detected throughout the record as Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds invites everyone to take a listen.

The album kicks off with a song called “Go On Without Me” where a strong and delicate voice can be heard for miles. “Go On Without Me” provides powerful vocals & lyrics to go along with a wonderful melody that is pleasing to the musical palette. “Go On Without Me” will bring pure joy to your ears and brighten up your space. Time to capture “Photograph” next where all things are clicking and just sounding oh so nice. One will be ready to snap a soothing “Photograph” that will last forever and be gone in a flash. Track three, “Wormhole”, is a deeply-rooted tune that offers an earthy texture. Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds are playing with a purpose and performing with pure passion on “Wormhole”. Moving on, “Fall From Grace” will hit you like a ton of bricks with its emotional tone. “Fall From Grace” is soul-stirring and just beautifully done as the spirit is alive & well on this number. Excellent singing can be heard next on “Glasgow” where one voice complements the other making for a phenomenal vocal performance overall. Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds supply a steady, tender approach vocally & musically on “Pedestal”. The lyrics pack a powerful punch on “Pedestal” and the listener also receives superb singing from Bec Taylor. Get ready to drink up the following composition that is full of richness and truth on “Whisky”. This single is simply intoxicating and I have to say that this “Whisky” has an extraordinarily strong taste with a smooth finish. We are now all set to drop the “Anchor” and let all the bright notes come flooding in. The audience will connect with “Anchor” because it hooks you in from start to finish. Track nine, “You Can Call Me Everything”, has such an enticing style & rhythm in place. “You Can Call Me Everything” is extremely catchy and one enjoyable listening experience. Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds ends on high note with “Goner” where a stellar performance overall closes out the 10-song set.

Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds prove to be genuine artists on a mission to make meaningful music that speaks to the masses. Hitting on many emotional levels on ‘Limbs & All’, this band has got staying power without a doubt. With poetic and powerful verses, ‘Limbs & All’ will rattle your bones and shake up your senses in a good way. ‘Limbs & All’ hopes to connect on a higher level with many people out there and I am happy to say that you have a new fan right here. Hat’s off to Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds on a job well done with ‘Limbs & All’.

By Jimmy Rae