Tom Wavra ALL About ‘Back in the Day’

Tom Wavra takes us all on an exciting journey on the new release where we take a trip to ‘Back in the Day’. This EP is a long time coming for Wavra, 20 years to be exact, as ‘Back in the Day’ has come to light and is now open to the public. This record is a true blast from the past as Tom Wavra throws in nostalgic elements and his classic rock influences.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Back in the Day”, and I really enjoyed the guitar chords here with Tom Wavra delivering superb strumming. This song offers up a cool, throwback feel that makes you stop and think what life was like “Back in the Day”. Wavra gives a rock-solid performance on “Back in the Day”, so sit back & relax and enjoy the good vibes. “Heard It In The Wind” rushes past your ears next where catchy notes and an appealing sound quenches your musical thirst. “Heard It In The Wind” is a real crowd-pleaser and one standout track on ‘Back in the Day’. Enter “State Of Mind” next where I simply love the song structure and tempo. “State of Mind” is a song that catches your attention immediately and draws you in from start to finish. The current “State of Mind” is positive and making you feel right at home. Track four, “Summer in the Delta”, has that summery sensation to go along with a bluesy, rockin’ twist. “Summer in the Delta” is a wonderful instrumental that is played extremely well by Tom Wavra. The EP ends on a high note with “Deadwood” where the atmosphere is in all-out jam party where you will rock till you drop to the good ‘ol times.

Music is clearly in Tom Wavra’s blood because he started playing guitar at 13 and performing professionally at 23. With bands like Led Zeppelin, Bob Seeger and Pink Floyd, Wavra looks to carry on the tradition of timeless, classic rock while also honoring his predecessors. ‘Back in the Day’ is a great record that deserves high recognition and major airplay. Tom Wavra invites us all to embrace the moment but also reminisce for a bit about ‘Back in the Day’.

By Jimmy Rae